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Что за инцидент произошел между Гилланом и кем-то из зрителей во время выступления Ian Gillan Band в Осло, Норвегия?

Trond Strom, Norway
(, 21.03.94)

       "On the subject of throwing things onto the stage/performers, here's a nice one, witnessed by yours truly at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo in October 1990.
       On stage: Ian Gillan. He's just gone through the opening tracks of "Gut Reaction", followed by "Living for the City" and "Smoke on the Water" if I remember correctly. He's about to introduce "Puget Sound", when some geek in the audience throws a pint of beer right into Ian's face.
       Ian looks a bit surprised, receives a towel from his keyboards-player (whatwashisname - Tom Eire or something? Doesn't look quite right...), tells Steve Morris to go on and start playing the intro to the song, points at the guy who threw the beer, says "Some smart ass, eh?", and disappears to the back of the stage.
       Steve Morris keeps on laying down some slide work, and then Ian returns with a bucket full of water in his hands. He promptly goes to the front of the stage, and empties the bucket's contents straight into the head of the guy who threw the beer, receiving a massive cheer from the crowd."

Правда ли, что однажды Ричи Блэкмор едва не спровоцировал международный конфликт, фотографируясь на балконе?

"Guitarist", Jan'96

       "...when James, Guitarist's intrepid photographer, persuaded Mr.Blackmore that a night shot over the city of London could be had from the balcony, surprisingly, he was happy to oblige. Here's were we nearly created an international incident! In his pocket Ritchie carried a laser pen - "You can send a beam over a mile with this thing," he chortled. But the Special Branch, who were patrolling the roof of the Embassy opposite (Israeli Prime Minister had just been assassinated), had copped our little escapade: they could see the camera flashes and some strange man dangling something (a Fender Strat!) over the precipice 200 feet up. Let's say they had become 'interested'.
      It was at this point in the proceedings when Ritchie decided that pointing the laser their way might provoke a bit of fun (laser; rifle night-sight; armed police over the road). And it was only by wrestling him to the floor and physically removing the thing from his clutches (actually we just pleaded with him on our knees) that prevented certain retalliation from half a dozen kalshnikovs!"

Каковы истиные причины инцидента, произошедшего во время вступительного номера концерта, снятого на видео "Come Hell Or High Water"?

Stuart Smith
Guitarist, Ritchie's guitar technician and pal
(, 08.03.97)

       As a lot of you have been asking me the reasons for what happened regarding the water throwing incident on the CHOHW video. When Ritchie phoned tonight I asked him if he wanted to answer this himself. This is his reply:

      "The incident was in no way directed towards any member of the band & certainly not towards the audience. I had already made my mind up to leave Deep Purple for reasons of my own & I was told by my management at the time that BMG wanted to film the show at the NEC. I agreed to this providing there would be NO cameramen on the side of the stage, (I find they put me off my performance & many of you that are paying your hard earned money should not have to put up with this). I would have thought I had made my point clear enough at the California Jam. I was quite categorically told, "Don't worry Ritchie, they won't be there". As the intro to Highway Star started I walked out only to trip over one right in my way. I pushed him off the stage he should never have been on in the first place & then told the people working for us who had lied to me rather than discuss the whole thing, to get him off the stage. At this point they snuck him around to the other side, which, had they done this in the first place wouldn't have bothered me, but by then my temper was up & I threw the water.
       It is very nerve wracking experience to play a show like this & I feel I have earned the right to have a set-up which will enable me to give my best to everybody."

      Позднее Блэкмор дал более развернутое объяснение:

Ritchie Blackmore
("The Prince Of Darkness" interview by Stig Myhre, 2003)

       "There is a long story about that. What happened was that BMG, the record company, wanted to do a video in Birmingham. We were on tour for like two and a half months and I said to them 'Look if you want to promote a tour, then you have to do it at the beginning of the tour', and they are like 'Why?'. I said 'because Ian Gillan loses his voice after four days and if you want us to be in our best light, get in there early because Ian Gillan's voice will be good and then we'll be right on top of selling what we're promoting at that time'. You want to promote it at the beginning. I said 'Why can't we do the video in the first four days?' and they were like 'No, we can't do that, we have to wait until you're playing in Birmingham.' I'm like 'Why?', Nobody else was asking questions. Everybody else said 'Who Cares?'. I'm like 'Well, I care because what is the point of doing a video six weeks into a tour when the record that your promoting is already dead'. They didn't take any notice. They said 'Were gonna do Birmingham'. I said 'You know what?, if you do Birmingham then you can count me out, you can take long shots of me but if I see any cameras near me there's going to be trouble'. These guys come along with like six cameras and the fans have paid a lot of money to the show, all they see is the back of someone's head and a camera. I said 'If there are cameras obstructing the fans from seeing us there's going to be problems, there is going to be problems as far as I'm going not going to play'. That was my point. That was my way of saying' If BMG doesn't care about what I think I don't care about what they think'.
       I came to the show and I said to my roadie' Are all the cameras off stage?' I noticed there was some blocking the view of fans. He said 'Oh yes, they're all off stage'. I said 'Okay'. I walked on stage and what do I see?, a camera right in front of the people, so I walked off. I told them 'Until you get that camera off I won't play'. The band was thinking what the hell is Ritchie doing? I felt sorry for some of the band members. To their credit, they had no idea about what was going on. The crews roadie Colin Hart knew exactly what was going on. I said 'Colin, you just told me that those cameras were gone' and he said 'Oh, I'll get them off stage'. I said' I've now walked on stage, I had to walk off to get them off stage so please do something'. I walked on the second time and they are still there and I'm like 'What is going on here?'. At this point I'm starting to get really annoyed. To add to this, the night before I had fallen off stage in Hammersmith and sprained my ankle. My ankle was all wound up by the doctor. The doctor told me 'you can't play'. I said 'I have to play'. I thought that gesture of me not wanting to kind of stop the show would be more appreciated rather than going on stage and argue with all these camera people and BMG, so I thought I know what I'm going to do. I knew what would move them, so I just grabbed some water and I went over to the camera and threw it at the lince. If you're going to knock that camera they get nervous and then they fall back. By this time I was so angry that I had to absorb to all this childish nonsense that I couldn't play for like two songs.
      Ian Gillan was told that I was throwing beer over his wife because what happened was that when I threw water at the camera. it hit the camera, came off and went over his wife, who was standing there, so she's saying 'Ritchie just threw beer on me'. I'm like 'What', I heard that and then Ian came on stage and he was very good about it. He didn't make any trouble about it, but whoever told him that I threw beer over her was trying to cause trouble. If I want to throw beer over her I would go and throw it over her. It could have caused big trouble, it could have caused a fight on stage. It's typical of people who would like to see trouble, they say something and sit back and watch."

Что за инцидент произошел с Джоном Лордом во время выступления группы Deep Purple 21 июня 1998 года в немецком городе Гамбург?

Fedor De Lange
(, 23.06.98)

       "...The one that impressed me both musically and physically was Jon Lord, who proved to be in a great shape. Great to see him play, while during Watching the Sky something terrible happened...
А stupid drunk moron threw a glass of beer (very hard plastic) which hit Jon Lord fully on the head. Jon immediatley layed his hands on his head and left stage. Steve's wife and kid where at that side so they might have walked over to him as was a roadie or security guy which I couldn't see. I was shocked. The rest of the song completely had me numb. Little later (ending of the song) Jon showed up again looking to the spot where the thrower must have been, and disappeared again.
      I don't know if the rest of the band had noticed the incident, but Roger Glover was the first to walk over to Jon, while Ian was thanking the crowd enthousiastically. (The guy who was throwing was at about the same distance as I stood; he even pushed me out of the way while running to the exit)
      Anyway, Lord came back under a loud applause from the crowd who of course felt sorry and maybe were in a kind of shame feeling like I was."

Ричи Блэкмор о Deep Purple после ухода Джона Лорда

("Aftonbladet" review, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2002)

       As Jon Lord has just announced his departure from Deep Purple is it undoubtedly interesting to hear Ritchie's opinion about the band today. Because without Lord and Blackmore, the men who formed the band, is there any Deep Purple?

      "...I think people see Ian Gillan as Purple since I left, the band will probably always exist in some form. I also think Steve Morse is a very good good guitarist, so let them do their thing.
      We are not enemies. As a matter of fact, I talked to Jon the other day, so I still have contact with them.
Some of them, at least."

Правда ли, что группа Deep Purple входила в "Книгу рекордов Гиннесса" как "самая громкая группа в мире"?

      "...That situation came about because we were touring in Europe and America, and to save shipping costs we decided we'd have two lots of gear - it was obviously all Marshalls at the time - an identical setup either side of the Atlantic. However, as we became more successful as a band, the equipment increased because of the size of the gigs in America - huge arenas and so on - and it got to the stage where we couldn't afford the outlay of having identical equipment on either side. So we had one huge setup made which could cope with the arena-sized gigs, and took that to America. At the end of that tour we played what was then the Astoria at Finsbury Park, with all this stuff, and it was only a three thousand seater! The problem was that once you get used to playing at a certain volume level it's very difficult to back off - it becomes alomost like a security blanket - and the thinking was also that if you didn't play at that volume level then you weren't giving of your best. Unknown to us, the Guinness people were there - it wasn't pre-arranged or anything - and so as a result of the volume levels at that gig we became 'the loudest band in the world!'
      To us it was a hoot, and we had a good laugh over it - I mean we only held the title for a year I think, before The Who took it over - but we seem to have become the band most associated with that. Now, though, we go out of our way not to be too loud!"

На многих фотографиях 70-80 годов на сцене около Ричи Блэкмора можно нередко заметить катушечную деку. Для чего она использовалась Блэкмором?

Ritchie Blackmore
("Guitar Player", December 1997)

       "...It's my preamp, which is an old souped-up Aiwa reel-to-reel tape recorder that I originally used as a tape delay. It has an input and an output stage, so I plugged into it and noticed that it gave me a fatter sound - about a 3-watt boost. I used it from that day on. If I don't use it, the sound is too shrill. It seems to calm the sound down and give it more midrange. I just thought it was a normal tape deck, but now it's become this little soul on the side of the stage. It's like my little friend."

Какова истинная причина, побудившая Блэкмора разбить свою гитару о телевизионную камеру во время знаменитого концерта "California Jam" в 1974 году?

"Circus Raves", November 1974.
Article: "TV Rock - The Inside Story with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath".

       "And a few cryptic quotes: '...Deep Purple's fury grew, until guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, feeling his characteristic surge of pure violence, lashed out with his axe at the unblinking eye of the video camera nearest him. For those watching 'In Concert' on their television sets at home, there was a vision of shattering glass and chaos.'

      "I think I'm personally responsible for Blackmore hitting the guitar against the camera," - remarked Josh White, the boyish director of 'In Concert's California Jam'.

      "Because I saw him the night before. Deep Purple did a technical rehearsal, and I said, 'Are you going to smash your guitar?' And Ritchie said, 'Yeah, maybe, I dunno, what the hell.' He was kinda irked about a dozen things having nothing to do with me. And I said, 'Well, listen, if you do it, favor the camera, would you, I'll get a good shot of it and it'll look great.' He favored the camera all right," - Josh laughed. "To the tune of $8000 in damages!"

      Josh moved into his area of special expertise: "I have this video style I've developed that calls for a great deal of camera movement. I don't like static shots. I want the camera to move freely from Ian Paice's drums, say, to Jon Lord's organ. If you lock your cameras down, all they can do is zoom in and out. If you get in with a wide-angle lens, the guitar is close to you and the background recedes and you get the feel of the space. It's really apparent in 'California Jam' where the camera's right on top of Deep Purple..."

      ...During the editing the director can pick up on many things he couldn't concentrate on during the live show.

      "I can create a better feel for the music later," Josh revealed. When Blackmore smashes his guitar over the camera, it looks like the camera is breaking up. But actually, it's a special effect I cut in", - Josh admitted with a chuckle. "I do it all the time. I have special abstract tapes that I've made over the years that I cut in..."
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